About Us

Golf Acceptance is a financial services company that specializes in originating and servicing different types of asset classes of loans. Brian and David MacInnis, the founders of Golf Acceptance, were also founders in the following companies:

  • Onyx Acceptance Corp / 1993-2005
    • Indirect auto finance company purchased in 2005 by Capital One
  • Gateway One Lending & Finance / 2007-2017
    • Indirect auto finance company purchased in 2011 by TCF Bank
  • Symmetry Lending LLC / 2018-Current
    • Heloc Mortgage Originator

The MacInnis brothers have always enjoyed the indirect auto space and were asked by some of their current partners to once again create and build an exceptional team of individuals delivering great results for our dealers, consumers and partners. The name Golf Acceptance came as a remembrance of Brian and David’s two previous successful indirect auto finance ventures, Onyx Acceptance and Gateway One Lending & Finance (known in the space by its acronym GOLF).